Monday, November 19, 2012

adidas bro

1.This is when you were in the lab. I used photoshop using scale and transform.

2.When you made a grid  and drew it i looked funny,  but viewing it from a different perspective, and adding shadows it looked 3d.

3. What were the most important concepts in the project to make it successful? You need colored pencils and value to make it look anamorphosis.

for your amusement


1. I changed the photo by changing the compostion of the picture so I could have more positive or negative space. I did this using photoshop and threshold.

2. I pick colors that would contrast well with my stencil color. and I placed paper on the carboard to make an interesting collaged background.
3.I used positive in negative space by picking dark background colors and have a white spray paint for my stencil.

4. When using the Xacto knife have to be careful so you don't cut yourself, and I hate using it because I didn't like how much pressure you had to put on it. 
5. I loved the spray paint, I wanted to always use it!!! I just picked cool colors to use.