Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. This project was by far my most successful project in art 2. The theme for this project was, Up Close and Personal and it was a color project. The first thing that came to my mind when Mr. Sands said the theme was the movie Up. I was originally going to draw the house coming off the ground but since the theme was close and personal I decided to draw the house with the balloons coming at you. What made this project successful was not only because it looked like the house in the movie but also because I was able to include multiple mediums. I was originally going to do the whole project in oil pastels but I really wanted the balloons to pop, so I made the house in color pencil and use water color for the background so I got a realistic looking sky. Overall I was extremely happy with how this project turned out, the balloons are really bright so it looks like they are coming right at you. 

2. The portrait project was definitely the one where I overcame the most obstacles. See when we first started this project my partner Brooke and I decided we should make Mr. Sands out of cups because he tried to do a cup project in art one with us and it failed miserably. So we were easily able to set up a map of where the cups would go in the fence to make it look like Mr. Sands. We also had figured out the dimensions of the face and thought it would be really easy to get all the cups in the fence. But when we got out there we discovered the face would have to be at least 10 feet up, twice the size of me. So I would climb halfway up the fence and Brooke would hand me the cups to put in.  That part was definitely scary and slightly painful for me. When we got the face completed we decided we should paint the front of the cups to really be able to tell apart the nose and eyes and mouth. But the only way to get to the cups was to hop the fence, which we soon learned was frowned upon, (although Mr. Sands didn't mind that we were). Taking these risks made me a better artist because it took me way out of my comfort level and I was able to experiment with different techniques.

3. I think that these two pieces show my growth as an artist. The picture on the left is my first project and the picture on the right is my last project in art two. The first one  was "What's the Point?" in a black and white medium. I decided to use pen and dot the design of a pointer dog in the woods. In my first project I didn't really like taking a risk so I made 4 copies and showed all my ideas in one piece. I was afraid to over-dot the dog or the background. My last project that definitely wasn't the case. I took a big risk by making a 3d project that if you looked from the side it looked like nothing but from head on all the pieces would align and create an image of a zonkey. I cut wooden dowels at different lengths and put them in cups filled with cement, then put each cup six inches away from each other so that each piece of the zonkey was proportional. By the end of this class I was able to step out of my comfort zone and take bigger risks on bigger projects.   

4. I thought that allowing students to pick the subject of the project and the medium was so much more effective then having a set subject. By letting us decide what our project was going to be you got 30 unique different art projects instead of 30 projects that all look very similar. We got to be creative, you could take the theme you were given and interpret it any way. For example I took sticky situation and made it a outdoor scene of maple tree tapping. Or took up close and personal and made it the up house. Being able to choose your project allowed you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with different mediums. I was able to try out acrylic paint, cardboard, cups, cement, oil pastels, and much more; much more then I was able to try out in art one. I personally love the new way of teaching and learning. 

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