Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art 3 Final Question

This was definitely my best, and most favorite piece I have done in art 3.  This piece started as the contemporary concept "Answering Essential Questions" with my questioning being what is considered plagiarism.  This concept really made me think and look at other famous artists works and discover their techniques of painting, and how I could use their technique or the look of their painting and change it into my own unique work.  I decided to use Van Gogh's Starry Night and the look but instead paint Downtown Apex.  This really challenged me because I quickly discovered how long and tedious it is to paint in Van Gogh's style.  So this project took way longer than it should and ran into the next project which it also ironically fit, Juxtaposition; which is basically artist steal.  When I finally finished the project I learned the value of patience and using small brushes with a different style of painting then I was used to. In the end I definitely think this project was worth all my time and one of my favorite.  

Another project that really influenced me was the nontraditional materials project.  At first this project started off traditional because I wanted to use oil pastels on paper, but then I decided to try oil pastel on canvas.  That didn't go so well because it wasn't blending right on the canvas so I started using baby oil to help smooth out the oil pastel which worked really well.  But I came across a huge setback when the oil never dried on the canvas leaving it very wet and very erasable.  After many trial and errors I discovered by rubbing baby powder on top of the oil and pastel it would stick and become dry.  This project really taught me the value of experimenting with new things and that just because one idea doesn't work doesn't mean there isn't a solution out there even if it means smelling like babies all day.