Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sticky Situation

1. I came up with this idea for sticky situation because I was thinking of sticky things, and I thought of mayple syrup. Then I thought of how they create mayple syrup and thought painting a scenary of mayple syrup tapping would be a cool idea.

2. Kind of thinking out of the box but it stillls goes along with the idea of a sticky situation because the syrup is still sticky.

3. I included repetition in this project because I painted many trees and added in a lot of buckets to each tree.

4. I used acrylic for my project because you could use water color because the buckets would of just smeared the trees and the background. acrylic paint worked fairly well but trying to get the right color of brown was difficult. I always made it a purple color and trying to get it to be brown was a struggle.

5. We didn't really get to use acrylic paint in the mini projects so it's hard to say they were helpful because their was only one mini project where we were actually allowed to even use acrylic.