Monday, October 29, 2012

spray painting

I spray painted!!! I made the stencil and cut it out, then we took paper and glued it on to the frame. I spray painted over the paper and even spray painted leaves on to the frame. Then I took my stencil and sprayed it on top of everything. Then I outlined it so it  really popped. Oh and I painted the frame. That was all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

stamping bro

2.  I picked dark colors against light colors so it really popped.  It's important so you can see the stamp. 
3.  I used postive and negitive space by carving out part of the body and the background so you could see the image.  
4. It's not that bad, except at one point of the drawing the giaraffe and the background kind of blend together, but you can still see what the animal is. 
5.  I don't really know, but you can tell that the animal is in the city which is cool. I don't really have a middle ground but I have a foreground and a background. 
6.  I don't like carving but I find that it's fun to use the ink. It is hard though to figure out what it will look like when you carve it out, and how you want it to look.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

printing project!! #holla

1. Because texture makes your thing pop and really look cool. Without it, it would just be a bunch of shapes.

2. So you can get different views of the animal and background so you can really see what the texture is, and so you can pick what view you like the best.

3. Yes, because the best print will be clear, so you can see all the areas that will be cut out and you can see all the texture in the sketch.

chalk drawing!!

1. I didn't really like working as a team, I found that my group doesn't completely care, and I found that it was really hard coming up with ideas because nobody shared what they wanted to do.

2. Every should chip in and do some work, because if you work together the project goes much smoother and you can get work done faster.

3. I found that it wasn't successful at all, though we got the product finished I hated how it turned out and we didn't work together at all. I found that I was forced to do much of the work, and I didn't enjoy at all. It doesn't even look that good. :(

4. I think thats a cool idea, but they have to know what to do in the artwork. But ours you couldn't really tell what you were supposed do. And that is very dissapointing...