Friday, September 21, 2012


1. I got the picture that Mr. Sands had taken. I traced all the shadows, and then transfered it to my sketchbook. Then I took time shading in each area to make the potrait.
2. I found the different values in the portrait by trying to find shapes in the drawing. I would outline the darker and lighter colors so then it would be easy to shade.

3. I would like to think that I achieved different values in my potrait. But in reality it was pretty hard to get all the different  shades in. I got lots of dark shading in but I didn't get all the in between colors.
4. Its ok, it wasn't my best, I found it extremely had to draw the eyes because in the picture there was some areas where I couldn't see anything so I had to try to draw it without all the right colors.
5. Ok so first of all my picture had some copying problems. In some areas I couldn't draw his one eye well because it was a white area from the copier. Also his hair was hard to draw because there was so much of it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I loved this project! I thought the idea was so cool! Being able to paint with moss and then it grow, thats cool! I think if I had to do this project again I would pick a cool design or symbol to paint, like the nike swoosh because that would be amazing looking. I feel that this project was kinda successful because we got to paint with moss but we didn't really have any symbols or designs to paint but it will still turn out great if the moss grows.


Cartoon Bones

1. Overall I think that I did pretty well on this piece but it wasn't my best work. The arms and rib cage bothers me because his arms are coming out of his rib cage and it doesn't look right.
2. I think it was pretty successful, I can still tell that the skeleton is snoopy and thats always a good thing. He has all his important bones and it's semi correct for a cartoon skeleton. Also I had fun while doing this project and I feel my work is better when I have fun with it.
3. I liked how we could have fun with this project and that really worked for me. Because knowing I could have fun with it made me relax when I drew snoopy. What also worked for me was not having to be exact with all the bones.
4.If I had to do this project again I think I might pick a cartoon where he's standing up and not in a profile view. I found it harder to draw snoopy when I'm looking at him sideways because, it's harder to draw the ribs and hip bones when you aren't looking at them straight.
5. I found that making some of the bones realistic was the hardest part. Like drawing the rib cage and where the arms connect.
6. I learned to have fun with my art, and if you are more relaxed and calm you do much better, and it's easier to draw.