Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When You Make a Mr. Sands Out of Cups....

For this project we decided that we should do a portrait of M Sands because he came up with this project, and at first I hated this project so I was like well if I have to do this project it's so going to be Mr. Sands. We decided to do cups because we were like throwback to freshman year when M Sands made us use cups for a project and we all refused to do it. So we were like "We should finally get a cup portrait OF SANDS FOR SANDS!" So we did. Risks we took... well M Sands said it was OK for us to hop the fence to paint the cups so we did. Well I guess Sands was wrong and that's "Breaking the Rules" and you know who got yelled at by Phillips... us. NOW we have to hide from him for the rest of our high school career so you know that's chill. How did our choices impact our project... well because of the lies fed to us from Sands we are now permanently scared of good old Phillips, I got spray paint all over my hands (which doesn't come off with soap if you are curious), we have been framed for "breaking the fence" (which is false) and we have a great story of what happens when you make a Sands out of cups.   

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sticky Situation

1. I came up with this idea for sticky situation because I was thinking of sticky things, and I thought of mayple syrup. Then I thought of how they create mayple syrup and thought painting a scenary of mayple syrup tapping would be a cool idea.

2. Kind of thinking out of the box but it stillls goes along with the idea of a sticky situation because the syrup is still sticky.

3. I included repetition in this project because I painted many trees and added in a lot of buckets to each tree.

4. I used acrylic for my project because you could use water color because the buckets would of just smeared the trees and the background. acrylic paint worked fairly well but trying to get the right color of brown was difficult. I always made it a purple color and trying to get it to be brown was a struggle.

5. We didn't really get to use acrylic paint in the mini projects so it's hard to say they were helpful because their was only one mini project where we were actually allowed to even use acrylic.

Thursday, September 26, 2013



The theme for this project was up close and personal, I chose to do the house and balloons from the movie up. Becasuse the name was UP and in the picture it looks like the balloons are coming right at you. For emphasis in this project I used bright oil pastels for the balloons to make them really pop. I used all kinds of mediums for this project! I used oil pastels for the balloons, colored pencils for the house and the balloon strings, and water color for the sky. I guess you could say I took risk in this project, I experimented with different mediums. I wanted to color the sky but didn't want to use oil pastels or color pencil because it would look weird. So I tried water colors because I figured they wouldn't mix because oil and water don't mix. It worked out really well!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

what's the point?

I chose to pick a hunting dog for this project. Because when a dog finds a bird he points at it hence  "what's the point."

I used the dot technique to do my project, I chose it because I really like how it looks and its easy to make things lighter and darker.

Did I take risk on this project? Yes. I photo copied my original piece so I could experient on them and use the best one and put it on my original piece. I didn't really like what I put on my final piece but like some of my other copies. Mr. Sands said I should use all of them in my final to show like the process of my piece and all the different ways I drew it.

I showed contrast in my work by trying to make the dog stand out in front of all the grass. I also made the dog have spots so he was a white dog with really dark spots and face.