Sunday, September 20, 2015

Is Art Without Meaning Decoration?

I don't think that art without meaning is decoration, nobody makes art that doesn't have a meaning, it always has a purpose of why it's made or an idea that created it.  By having an idea or an inspiration for a piece of work than it has a meaning.  Look at work by Picasso, his geometric designs look like they have no meaning but does that mean his work is just decoration like wall art? Or graffiti, it might look like it doesn't have meaning but usually the artist has a hidden message that means something to him/her.  One can physically not make a piece of art without having inspiration behind it that creates a meaning to art.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Senior Year Project 1

The element I used for this project was a mix of value and color, I used different colors but also used to different shades/values of blue to make this painting.  We were told to use a median we were comfortable/used to using so I originally started by using oil pastel.  And Mr. Sands being Mr. Sands threw me a canvas one day and said I should try oil pastel on a canvas, but the problem was the canvas isn't a smooth surface so the oil pastel didn't nicely get into all the crevices and dents of the canvas.  So I tried using baby oil on top of the pastels which helped not only blend the oil pastels really well but also let it get into all the cracks.  My next problem I faced was the baby oil never dried on the canvas because it couldn't soak in so I used baby powder to soak up the oil.  Finally I wanted clean edges on the side of the painting so I used acrylic paint for the sides.  So overall my median was oil pastels, baby oil, baby powder, and paint.  I choose the subject because I have always loved the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville and Boone and always thought it was so cool that the mountains appear blue in photographs, so I wanted to recreate one of my favorite scenes so no matter where I go to college I can always be reminded of something I love.