1. My favorite project of this semester was the clay tile. I had a ton of fun messing with the clay and making it into shapes. It didn't turn out that bad either. Painting it was kinda hard though because trying to not get the colors everywhere was difficult. I found that painting the fish was the hardest because I couldn't get the orange bright enough. But mixing all the colors together was really fun! Painting the ocean was really fun because I could be really creative. I could add and mix in color I wanted in to it!

2. I really liked this project, and I also learned from it! I feel that I learned a ton of new techniques, and in the long run it made me a better artist. When we 1st started this project we watched all kinds of weird tips from Bob Ross. Then Mr. Sands taught us how to make cool clouds and tippy tappy trees. When we actually started painting I wasn't looking forward to it because painting clouds and trees looked hard. But once we started I discovered it was actually really easy and it wasn't that hard! I feel that doing this whole project made me a better artist and I had a better feel of perspective.

3. I actually used some skills from previous projects to do this one. I used perspective from the Adidas project, and color techniques from the 1st couple projects in the beginning of the year. Using perspective I was able to make it look correct. Using color techniques I was able to see what colors went together, and what to do to make the arc pop out. Doing this made my project look better because the arc was bright in contrast to the background and the frame. Though the only part I liked about this project was using spray paint! The spray paint was really fun to use and I sprayed it everywhere!

4. I thought this was the least important project of the whole semester. I didn't really understand the concept of this project. The water colors was a cool idea but I didn't like having to draw the objects. Also it was hard to get the colors look realistic and to make them look 3d. I also didn't understand using color pencil on top of the water color. It didn't make the picture look any different. I understand what the purpose of the project was I just didn't have fun at all throughout the whole thing.

5. Out of all the projects I have done throughout the whole semester, this is by far the one that reflects me the most. I loved a lot of these projects but I feel this is the best one. I feel that this project was the most challenging to get right and I love challenges. Also The symbol is just something that is a part of me I love it. But it challenged me because I had to make it look 3d. So drawing it out was extremely hard. Also the shading because I wanted to look like it was standing up. This also turned out really well and I'm really proud of it.

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