Friday, December 4, 2015

Trip to the art museum

Art 3 adventured out to the art museum to get inspired for our next project, here Zoe and I were forced to take a picture to the most expensive piece in the collection.

 First the one i hated the most, I did not understand this piece at all and am pretty confident that I could make the exact same piece.  I don't think that this shows talent in an individual.

Next my favorite one.  I thought this one was cool because it was a layering of maps and words of a city.  I thought it was interesting because it's ordered chaos.  It looks chaotic with no matter but when you get closer you realize its several maps layered on top of each other and it's an ordered layout of cities towns and streets.

 Finally I don't know if this really qualifies as looking at it twice to understand it but when I first saw it I kinda just glanced at it and wasn't really looking and at first I thought it was a smaller statue of the winged victory in the Louve in Paris. But when I looked at it again I noticed it was completely different.  But I still like the idea that it's kinda based off it in look.

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